Round Here goes on to Form/Design Center in Malmö!

Round Here is an exhibition about various craft and design stories found in Småland, a place that many of us have come to know through successful glass and furniture industries. The exhibition was first shown at Designarkivet in Pukeberg’s exhibition hall in the summer of 2023 and now the exhibition moves on in a slightly modified form to Form/Design Center in Malmö 22/11 2023–14/1 2024!

Here you will find descriptions of all participants and the downloadable publication Lära om arkivet/(Re-)learning the Archive.

Read more about the exhibition, related program items and current opening hours at Form/Design Center.


Pyrography by Tuomo Nieminen

May 13–August 27, 2023
Pukeberg Exhibition Hall, Nybro

Through the project (Re-)learning the Archive, Designarkivet writes design history as you have never seen it written before! In the exhibition Round here, Designarkivet steps aside and makes room for some of the many different craft and design histories that exist around us, here in Småland. The exhibition summarises the project (Re-)learning the Archive. The project has developed a method for how we can expand the writing of design history through an inclusive, listening, and learning practice. Read more about the exhibition and the exhibition’s participants in our website collections.

In November, the exhibition will be shown at Form/Design Center in Malmö, stay tuned to our channels for more information.

Magnus Bärtås & Behzad Khosravi Noori, Dädesjö Hembygdsförening, Annika Elmqvist, Makda Embaie, Frantzwagner sällskapet, Hönsalottas Luffarmuseum, Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd, MADAM snickeri och restaurering, Evelina Mohei, Tuomo Nieminen, Ann Rydh, Sandsjö hembygdsgård, Studio Goja, Rosa Tolnov Clausen & Daniele Burlando.


(Re-)learning the Archive

is a three-year long development project run by Designarkivet in Pukeberg with support from the Swedish Arts Council and Region Kalmar län (Kalmar County Council).

Christina Zetterlund
Project Manager

Maija Zetterlund
Project Coordinator  

In collaboration with

Virserums konsthall
Linnaeus University
Kalmar Konstmuseum

Designer in residence:
Evelina Mohei
Design and webb:
Mika Kastner Johnson

With support from 

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Kulturrådets logotyp